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The CCF 2021 will take place on May 27th 2021, this year in an online environment.

The participants are first and second year Master and PhD students from Systems & Control, Control & Simulation, and also from Signals & Systems and Embedded Systems, who seek for opportunities to apply their knowledge in industry.

An event like the CCF is the ideal chance to show your company to the smartest graduating students in this sector.

CCF Committee

Last year, the career fair hosted numerous cutting edge companies and we welcomed over 200 students. This year’s setup will consist of a fair floor with company stands, workshops as well as company presentations and a networking drinks to close the event. You will have the possibility to choose your own package  (Basic, Presentation, Workshop). All the packages include  a stand, lunch, and your company profile and logo in our website. More in detail you can choose among:

  • Presentation package: 25 minutes to talk about your company, projects and opportunities, in a dedicated room at the TU Delft.  
  • Workshop package: 1h30 workshop with a group of students. Here you have direct contact with motivated people willing to learn and exchange ideas with you.
  • There are other extension packages for all your needs, to know more about this contact us!

To conclude, the CCF is your best chance to meet students who will soon graduate from the prestigious TU Delft.

Get in touch at to know all about how to participate the event, or for any further questions!

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